Sunday Nail Battle – Lady Gaga

Maybe you are waiting for this moment since you wake up, today is sunday nail battle!!!! This week theme is the faboulous Lady Gaga!

And it was hard for me because i don’t know her so much… So i start thinking about it and i was like: “i wanna do something black with silver and print” and then i thought “but is it really Gaga style?”
I change my mind and decided to watch the MV of my favorite song : Paparazzi. It inspired me a lot, but i focus on only 2 things: Can you find those things?

My inspiration came from her cup of tea and her Maus print!!! Now, i’m gonna see your version of this SNB!

Thank you Odile and Andreia for the challenge,


Sunday Nail Battle – Fall

Sunday Nail Battle!!!! I really enjoyed this week theme: Fall! So following my previous makeup tutorial, inspired by fall too, here i come with this SNB.

For my inspiration i want you to imagine: you are sit on a cosy sofa, near a windows, the goldy sunlight passing throw, a tartan plaid on your feets and reading your favorite book… Can you get the picture?

Can’t wait until next SNB!!! Thank you Odile & 10tubes to organize this challenge every week!!! And now, i’m going back to read my book…



Sunday Nail Battle – Grafitti Nails

Now i think is gonna be a ritual for you & me, it’s sunday, it’s the sunday nail battle!!! This week theme: Grafitti. Weeeeeelll… Honestly, it’s not my favorite theme…. It’s was hard to find inspiration… But if wasn’t difficult, it’s not a challenge, right? Results: i decided to work with all those tag which was never achieved, all those color test…

Basically, it’s more a dot nail art than a grafitti nail art… But it has the neon color asked for this week challenge so it’s not completely fail right?

In/out picture….

For me it’s a fail, cause i don’t think it’s really suits the theme…. But i participated! It’s the most important don’t you think?

Special thanks to 10tubes & Odile who organise the Sunday Nail Battle and see you next week for a new one!!!!

Sunday Nail Battle – Mosaic

Today is the Sunday Nail Battle!!!

Initiate by 2 crazy NPA (10tubes & Odile), it’s my 2nd participation to this weekly challenge!!! This week theme was Mosaic nails and i was so inspired because i love mosaic… Mosaic is a patient art, not very regular, the design never show up instantly, stone after stone, you build an image… I did my nail art exactly like that, dots after dots, i create my design… In my mind, i wanted to have something sheer, with contrast and rythm, i wanted to have a regular pattern… So i starded and ended to this:

So, as you can see, my “mosaic” is made of triangle instead of the regular square (i thought it would be more fun) and i have the same design in all my nails, but changed the order of the colors, like this i can have a dark mosaik, and a light one, a good transition between summer and winter…

And you, did you participate to this Sunday nail battle? If so, please make a comment and leave the link of your creation! I would be happy to see it!

Sunday Nail Battle – Back to school

I’m quite sure that you already know about this fantastic weekly challenge created by 10tubes & Odile, 2 french nail polish addict. I always wanted to participate but, so here it is!!! This week theme was Back to… and i decided to choose back to school, even i’m not at school anymore, but i was really inspired by the crayola pencil that every children has in his life, so please find below my participation to the challenge!

As you can see, it’s a really simple and colorful nail art!! Everybody can do it!

See you next sunday, for a new Sunday Nail Battle!