The 2 min Perfect Bun

Following my previous make up tutorial, here i come with this perfect bun, a bun who everybody can succeed ! For that you will need the good accessory!

So let’s get started!

Part 1:

First, brush your hair and make a side part. On the largest side, take 2 strand of hair and twist it inside out. Then add some piece of hair of your 2 strands and twist it again. Go ahead until your reach the other side of your head and attach your hair into a low ponytail.

Twist your hair like this will help you to secure it and add some dimension to the hairstyle. By the way, twisted hair is easier than braided hair, so, it will be done in a second! ^_-

Part 2:

The magic of ease of this hairstyle is caused by this amazing cheap hair accessory: a bun maker in spong with some wire (?) in it, which will help you to style your hair in a second. You can find lot of these on ebay, i got mine when i was in china for work. (definitely, my best purchase)

Just put your hair on the hole, roll it up and fold it on a circle shape. Then adjust your hair by pulling it to cover all the accessory.

As it’s heavy, secure it in place with some bobbypins, and add some flowers to your hair (mine comes from H&M).

And you’re done!

See, with the good accessory, everything is possible!

Enjoy your look!