My Face Care Products

As i said, here is my review of my face care routine. First of all, i have to inform you that i have a dry skin (like supra dry skin), but (don’t hate me) it’s the only one problem i have. So i choose my product for me, an maybe you’ll have a different point of vue and that’s normal. We are all different.


1- Muji Cleansing Oil

I have to say: i loooove this product; It’s cheap (15€/200ml), it remove all kind of make up, it easy to remove, it’s gentle for your skin (i use it on my waterline so…) I never had any problem with it.

I highly recommends this product.

2- Pond’s – Pure White Self-Foaming Facial Foam

I bought it when i was in china for my work, and it was recommend by the drugstore employee. For 5€, i said ok, let’s try. And i totally like it. It remove all oil cleansing trace and leave your skin so clean, fresh and soft. I mean, it’s just crazy. But (because it’s not perfect) it dry out my skin. I think it would be perfect for oily skin. So, i purchased the Intense Moisture Cleansing Bubble Foam of Pond’s to try. Let’s keep in touch πŸ˜‰

I recommend this product for oily skin and the other like me, you can use it but not every day.

3- Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion

Who don’t know this product? I mean, it’s every where. And you know why? Because it’s perfect. This lotion is super moisturizing, but not heavy. It’s a little bit sticky, but that’s normal, and when it’s complety dry, it’s not sticky anymore. It’s cheap (around 10€/200ml) and do perfectly her job. And it’s ok for the other kind of skin because it’s not heavy, even oily skin need moisturization.

I highly recommend this product.

4- Noreva Laboratoire – Intensive Soothing Face Serum

So, it’s a good product: it’s light, easy to use, not expensive (17€/30ml), don’t brake out your skin. For normal and young skin, it will be perfect, but for me i need something more moisturizing. (did i tell you that i have a dry skin?). And i liked it because it’s not an anti-age serum. And it’s so hard, here in france, to find a serum which is not against wrinkles!

So, it’ definitely a good product.

5- Yes to Cucumber – Soothing eye gel

Let’s face it: it don’t like this product. (that’s why i’m only using it on the morning). It’s dry out and break out my skin, i don’t like the texture, so i’m waiting to finish it to buy another eye cream.

But as i said in my previous post, it’s really fresh when you use it, and i still like it.

I do not recommend this product. Sorry.

6- Laneige – Water bank moisture cream

I loooove this cream. I use it on the morning and at night, and it’s not sticky, not heavy, doesn’t leave my skin shinny, it’s super moisturizing, and i completely understand why they are number 1 on moisturizing products. Plus: i love the packaging.

I hightly recommend this product! πŸ˜‰

So that’s it! my “reviews” of my daily product… Hope it was helpful for you…

See you next time!