Don’t forget your feet!

Summer is here, we all are wearing sandals or tongs, our feet are making their show!!!! So we must have beautiful feet! I was reading one of my favourite blog “Balade beauté” and i was really surprised by her post about asian foot peel pack. So interested that i wanna try, and i’m sharing with you my experience.

I got mine from Sasa, it’s a speed type from the brand COGIT, and why i choose this one, it’s because it’s size L, and that’s really important.

How it’s work?

A feet peeling pack it’s composed by 2 plastic socks, and inside you have a “magical” product which is supposed to make your foot skin peel. As it’s sock, be sure of the size you purchase!

So, cut the socks to open it and wear it.Then secure it close with adhesive tape (included).

Wait 20 – 30 min like this. While waiting you can watch tv, or do your nails, just avoid to walk! As you are in plastic bag with liquid, it’s really dangerous, you will fall down quickly. After waiting, just wash your feet.

And after wash, nothing change! ^^ You need to wait ~3 days to see the first result! After one week, your feet have a new soft skin, without dryness or anything else.

Ready for the beach!!!

I just love this product. The results are realy surprising and so easy and fast! Honestly, i don’t know what it contains but i’m quite sure it’s not natural! ^^ So i assume it’s more careful to use it when it’s necessary, like 1/month. If you have the possibility to try, TRY!

Enjoy your summer!



My Face Care Products

As i said, here is my review of my face care routine. First of all, i have to inform you that i have a dry skin (like supra dry skin), but (don’t hate me) it’s the only one problem i have. So i choose my product for me, an maybe you’ll have a different point of vue and that’s normal. We are all different.


1- Muji Cleansing Oil

I have to say: i loooove this product; It’s cheap (15€/200ml), it remove all kind of make up, it easy to remove, it’s gentle for your skin (i use it on my waterline so…) I never had any problem with it.

I highly recommends this product.

2- Pond’s – Pure White Self-Foaming Facial Foam

I bought it when i was in china for my work, and it was recommend by the drugstore employee. For 5€, i said ok, let’s try. And i totally like it. It remove all oil cleansing trace and leave your skin so clean, fresh and soft. I mean, it’s just crazy. But (because it’s not perfect) it dry out my skin. I think it would be perfect for oily skin. So, i purchased the Intense Moisture Cleansing Bubble Foam of Pond’s to try. Let’s keep in touch 😉

I recommend this product for oily skin and the other like me, you can use it but not every day.

3- Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion

Who don’t know this product? I mean, it’s every where. And you know why? Because it’s perfect. This lotion is super moisturizing, but not heavy. It’s a little bit sticky, but that’s normal, and when it’s complety dry, it’s not sticky anymore. It’s cheap (around 10€/200ml) and do perfectly her job. And it’s ok for the other kind of skin because it’s not heavy, even oily skin need moisturization.

I highly recommend this product.

4- Noreva Laboratoire – Intensive Soothing Face Serum

So, it’s a good product: it’s light, easy to use, not expensive (17€/30ml), don’t brake out your skin. For normal and young skin, it will be perfect, but for me i need something more moisturizing. (did i tell you that i have a dry skin?). And i liked it because it’s not an anti-age serum. And it’s so hard, here in france, to find a serum which is not against wrinkles!

So, it’ definitely a good product.

5- Yes to Cucumber – Soothing eye gel

Let’s face it: it don’t like this product. (that’s why i’m only using it on the morning). It’s dry out and break out my skin, i don’t like the texture, so i’m waiting to finish it to buy another eye cream.

But as i said in my previous post, it’s really fresh when you use it, and i still like it.

I do not recommend this product. Sorry.

6- Laneige – Water bank moisture cream

I loooove this cream. I use it on the morning and at night, and it’s not sticky, not heavy, doesn’t leave my skin shinny, it’s super moisturizing, and i completely understand why they are number 1 on moisturizing products. Plus: i love the packaging.

I hightly recommend this product! 😉

So that’s it! my “reviews” of my daily product… Hope it was helpful for you…

See you next time!



My Skincare routine

So today, i wanna to share with you my skincare routine, so, please read it if you’re interested!

First step, i tie my hair and use a sponge headband to avoid any contact between my skin product and my hair. Martin Solveig style ! ;p

So, i firstly clean my fave with the cleanning oil of MUJI, wich is a really great product, it remove all kind of makeup super easily & fast. While using it, i do a massage on my face, and to remove mascara (especially waterproof ones) i gently rub my eyelashes between my finger. Then rinse your face.

To remove all residus of oil, i use POND’S Pure white, a super cleaner, it remove every thing on your face and leave your skin really soft! I love this product! As for oil, (and as i do always for each product by the way) i massage my face while using it. Then i rinse it.

After cleaning my face, as i have a dry skin, i use THE lotion from Hada Labo, it’s super moisturizing and really ship, because i use 2 drops/day (one in the morning, one at night) and for 10€, you have 200 ml!!! I will need 10 years to finish it!

I continue to mosturize my skin with a sérum from Noreva, it’s for dry & sensitive skin. It’s a good product for a good price, it leave your skin moisturize & light.

On the morning only, i will use the Yes to Cucumber eye gel, wich is super fresh and it’s great to help you to wake up! ^^ A little bit like a shower of cold water!

And to finish, my amazing moisture cream, the water bank from Laneige! I mean, i  looooove this product, it’s really moisturazing but leave your skin plump,  smooth and not oily. It’s really a good product.

The End!

PS: I will do a review of each product i use next time!