Sunday Nail Battle – Grafitti Nails

Now i think is gonna be a ritual for you & me, it’s sunday, it’s the sunday nail battle!!! This week theme: Grafitti. Weeeeeelll… Honestly, it’s not my favorite theme…. It’s was hard to find inspiration… But if wasn’t difficult, it’s not a challenge, right? Results: i decided to work with all those tag which was never achieved, all those color test…

Basically, it’s more a dot nail art than a grafitti nail art… But it has the neon color asked for this week challenge so it’s not completely fail right?

In/out picture….

For me it’s a fail, cause i don’t think it’s really suits the theme…. But i participated! It’s the most important don’t you think?

Special thanks to 10tubes & Odile who organise the Sunday Nail Battle and see you next week for a new one!!!!


4 responses to “Sunday Nail Battle – Grafitti Nails

  1. I love it, it’s so abstract it’s almost ‘real’

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