Don’t forget your feet!

Summer is here, we all are wearing sandals or tongs, our feet are making their show!!!! So we must have beautiful feet! I was reading one of my favourite blog “Balade beauté” and i was really surprised by her post about asian foot peel pack. So interested that i wanna try, and i’m sharing with you my experience.

I got mine from Sasa, it’s a speed type from the brand COGIT, and why i choose this one, it’s because it’s size L, and that’s really important.

How it’s work?

A feet peeling pack it’s composed by 2 plastic socks, and inside you have a “magical” product which is supposed to make your foot skin peel. As it’s sock, be sure of the size you purchase!

So, cut the socks to open it and wear it.Then secure it close with adhesive tape (included).

Wait 20 – 30 min like this. While waiting you can watch tv, or do your nails, just avoid to walk! As you are in plastic bag with liquid, it’s really dangerous, you will fall down quickly. After waiting, just wash your feet.

And after wash, nothing change! ^^ You need to wait ~3 days to see the first result! After one week, your feet have a new soft skin, without dryness or anything else.

Ready for the beach!!!

I just love this product. The results are realy surprising and so easy and fast! Honestly, i don’t know what it contains but i’m quite sure it’s not natural! ^^ So i assume it’s more careful to use it when it’s necessary, like 1/month. If you have the possibility to try, TRY!

Enjoy your summer!