Sunday Nail Battle – Lady Gaga

Maybe you are waiting for this moment since you wake up, today is sunday nail battle!!!! This week theme is the faboulous Lady Gaga!

And it was hard for me because i don’t know her so much… So i start thinking about it and i was like: “i wanna do something black with silver and print” and then i thought “but is it really Gaga style?”
I change my mind and decided to watch the MV of my favorite song : Paparazzi. It inspired me a lot, but i focus on only 2 things: Can you find those things?

My inspiration came from her cup of tea and her Maus print!!! Now, i’m gonna see your version of this SNB!

Thank you Odile and Andreia for the challenge,


4 responses to “Sunday Nail Battle – Lady Gaga

  1. akismetuser474819669

    Hey mais ta réalisation est vraiment sublime! C’est canon! J’aime j’aime!

  2. nan mais toi aussi tu as bien assurée! et la mise en scène !! so Paparazzi ^^

  3. That is such a cute design! I’ve not worn red in ages, I think I might have too when I get around to painting my nails!!!!!!!!!!

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