My Skincare routine

So today, i wanna to share with you my skincare routine, so, please read it if you’re interested!

First step, i tie my hair and use a sponge headband to avoid any contact between my skin product and my hair. Martin Solveig style ! ;p

So, i firstly clean my fave with the cleanning oil of MUJI, wich is a really great product, it remove all kind of makeup super easily & fast. While using it, i do a massage on my face, and to remove mascara (especially waterproof ones) i gently rub my eyelashes between my finger. Then rinse your face.

To remove all residus of oil, i use POND’S Pure white, a super cleaner, it remove every thing on your face and leave your skin really soft! I love this product! As for oil, (and as i do always for each product by the way) i massage my face while using it. Then i rinse it.

After cleaning my face, as i have a dry skin, i use THE lotion from Hada Labo, it’s super moisturizing and really ship, because i use 2 drops/day (one in the morning, one at night) and for 10€, you have 200 ml!!! I will need 10 years to finish it!

I continue to mosturize my skin with a sérum from Noreva, it’s for dry & sensitive skin. It’s a good product for a good price, it leave your skin moisturize & light.

On the morning only, i will use the Yes to Cucumber eye gel, wich is super fresh and it’s great to help you to wake up! ^^ A little bit like a shower of cold water!

And to finish, my amazing moisture cream, the water bank from Laneige! I mean, i  looooove this product, it’s really moisturazing but leave your skin plump,  smooth and not oily. It’s really a good product.

The End!

PS: I will do a review of each product i use next time!