A little bit of Fall in my Makeup…

We are almost in fall (like in only 2 days, summer will be ended), so i thought making a fall makeup fitted the occasion…

I love this makeup, it’s warm, colorful but still easy to wear in your everyday life because it’s not too dramatic… And it match really well my haircolor, so ginger girls, you need to try this one!!!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Foundation

Use your favorite foundation, for me it’s the Jasmin Water BB Cream from BRTC as usual, and apply it all over your face. Then, blend it on with a brush or your finger.

Step 2: Concealer

Apply your concealer on dark circle and other imperfection you can have. With a brush or even your fingers, blend it carefully. I used Touche Magique from L’Oréal as usual, but you know what? I finish this concealer while a was making this tutorial… So i need to get a new one now! (Yeah, i always wait to finish one product BEFORE buying a new one)

Step 3: Blush

Now, SMILE! And apply your blush on the puffed part of your cheek! I used sasatinnie cream blush, that’s why i use my fingers to apply it and a brush to blend it.

Oh, i used the shade Coral Pink.

Step 4: Powder

Your face is almost done, you just need now to set it with your favorite powder: i  used  Accord Parfait powder from L’oréal in the shade Rose Ivoiry.

Step 5 to 11: Eye Makeup

First step of everything, prime your eye will a eyeshadow primer. Aplly it all over your eyelid un under your waterline too. Do i really need to mention that i used the Urban decay Primer Potion?

Use a cream eyeshadow (i prefer using cream eyeshadow as a color base) or a Jumbo pencil in a copper shade, and apply it all over your eyelid. I used Frontcover cream eyeshadow in the shade…. Copper! ^^

Next, choose a matte camel/light brown eyeshadow color and apply it on the outer corner and the inner corner of your eyelid. Leave the center with the copper color only. I used the shade “Groucho” from Frontcover.

To highlight the makeup, use a cream goldy shimmery color on the middle of your eyelid. I used the cream eyeshadow front Frontcover in the shade “cream”. (again, ^^)

With a medium brown pencil, define your eyes by drawing a line following your eyeshape. From the middle to the outer corner, try to make it thicker. Then use a brush to smudge it.

Use the same eyepencil as before, and apply it on the first half of your water line. Apply a little bit of color on your lower lash line too.

For your ref, i was using the sephora flashy liner waterproof pencil in the shade 16- Flashy ultra brown. (could they make it even longer?)

To keep the makeup warm, apply a brown mascara on upper and lower lashes. But if you have black eyelash, it would be better for you to use a black mascara. I used the One by One maybelline mascara (wich i love so much).

Step 12&13: The lips:

Apply a dark orangy color all over your lips. I used a lipstick wich is discontinued for so long now, the Yves Rocher Rouge Lisse Nature in the shade 11- Orange Terre.

To finish the makeup look, highlight your lips by using a little bit of gloss on the center of your lips. I used the Kiss Proof Ultra Glossy Gloss from l‘Oréal. It’s just a classic shimmery transparent gloss, really great for highlights.

Now, you’re done, and prepared for the upcoming fall season!!!!

Hope you’ll like it!