Sunday Nail Battle – Mosaic

Today is the Sunday Nail Battle!!!

Initiate by 2 crazy NPA (10tubes & Odile), it’s my 2nd participation to this weekly challenge!!! This week theme was Mosaic nails and i was so inspired because i love mosaic… Mosaic is a patient art, not very regular, the design never show up instantly, stone after stone, you build an image… I did my nail art exactly like that, dots after dots, i create my design… In my mind, i wanted to have something sheer, with contrast and rythm, i wanted to have a regular pattern… So i starded and ended to this:

So, as you can see, my “mosaic” is made of triangle instead of the regular square (i thought it would be more fun) and i have the same design in all my nails, but changed the order of the colors, like this i can have a dark mosaik, and a light one, a good transition between summer and winter…

And you, did you participate to this Sunday nail battle? If so, please make a comment and leave the link of your creation! I would be happy to see it!


Sunday Nail Battle – Back to school

I’m quite sure that you already know about this fantastic weekly challenge created by 10tubes & Odile, 2 french nail polish addict. I always wanted to participate but, so here it is!!! This week theme was Back to… and i decided to choose back to school, even i’m not at school anymore, but i was really inspired by the crayola pencil that every children has in his life, so please find below my participation to the challenge!

As you can see, it’s a really simple and colorful nail art!! Everybody can do it!

See you next sunday, for a new Sunday Nail Battle!

The 2 min Perfect Bun

Following my previous make up tutorial, here i come with this perfect bun, a bun who everybody can succeed ! For that you will need the good accessory!

So let’s get started!

Part 1:

First, brush your hair and make a side part. On the largest side, take 2 strand of hair and twist it inside out. Then add some piece of hair of your 2 strands and twist it again. Go ahead until your reach the other side of your head and attach your hair into a low ponytail.

Twist your hair like this will help you to secure it and add some dimension to the hairstyle. By the way, twisted hair is easier than braided hair, so, it will be done in a second! ^_-

Part 2:

The magic of ease of this hairstyle is caused by this amazing cheap hair accessory: a bun maker in spong with some wire (?) in it, which will help you to style your hair in a second. You can find lot of these on ebay, i got mine when i was in china for work. (definitely, my best purchase)

Just put your hair on the hole, roll it up and fold it on a circle shape. Then adjust your hair by pulling it to cover all the accessory.

As it’s heavy, secure it in place with some bobbypins, and add some flowers to your hair (mine comes from H&M).

And you’re done!

See, with the good accessory, everything is possible!

Enjoy your look!

Black line & Red lips

So classic, so chic with a black line and red lips (yeah i know my red lips is more close to a strawberry but it’s because it suits me better than a cold red)…

So simple but it always scare lot of you girls, (even me when i starded) and that’s why i decided to give you my tricks to succeed it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s get the line ladies!

Step 1:

Choose your fondation and aplly it all over your face. I’m using BRTC BB cream jasmin water, because it’s light for summer, has SPF and a good hydratation.

Step 2:

Then add little of blush, i’m using sasatinnie creamy satin blush in Coral Pink. As it’s a cream blush, i use my fingers to apply it.

Step 3:

Set it with your favorite powder: i use Accord Parfait powder from Lโ€™orรฉal in the shade Rose Ivoiry.
Step 4:

Before applying anything on your eyelids, i’m gonna prime my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Apply it all over your eyelids and under your eye too.

Step 5:

Starting the hard part: i think gel liner are easyer to apply than liquid liner so get a gel liner and angle brush (eyebrow angle brush from MUJI and gel liner fidelity from Agnes.B)

Use your waterline as a guide to find the perfect direction and tap your brush. (as it’s a angle brush, you don’t need to draw the line, just crush the brush). Longer your stroke will be, thicher will be your liner.

Step 6:

Use your pupil as a reference for the middle of your eyes and mark the point with the brush. Next draw a straight line from the outer line to the middle point. Now, just fill in the blank part.

Step 7:

Then, with your eyes open, tap your brush from the innercorner to the middle. Doing this with your eyes open will help you to be very close to your lashes. Next apply liner on your lower AND upper waterline to intensify the look. If you want to have more drama, apply liner on all your waterline or for a lighter make up, only on the first half.

Step 8:

To mach the black line, choose a black mascara and use it on your upper AND lower lashes.

Step 9:

Choose your favorite red lipstick, tap it slithly on your lips and remove the excess with a paper. Remove this step to intensify the color and help your lipstick to stay longer.

And you’re done!

Hope you’ll find my explanation easy and usefull.

Back from Holidays!!!

Yeah! I’m back from holidays! I feel so relax right now… I went to Rennes, it’s a city in france which is located in Bretagne, a region known for its “galettes” and especially its butter! Really wonderful and authentic! Stop writting, i’m sharing with you my holidays because sometimes one picture share more than 100 words…

And you? How was your holidays?