Back from Holidays!!!

Yeah! I’m back from holidays! I feel so relax right now… I went to Rennes, it’s a city in france which is located in Bretagne, a region known for its “galettes” and especially its butter! Really wonderful and authentic! Stop writting, i’m sharing with you my holidays because sometimes one picture share more than 100 words…

And you? How was your holidays?


3 responses to “Back from Holidays!!!

  1. Hi,
    Your blog is very cool and i think the tutorial with photos are very original

  2. (sorry, i click post comment but not finish my post –‘)
    Yea so.. i am curious, you are french?

    Anyway, i also have a beauty blog but it write in french because i live in france lol.
    You can go to see if you want ^^
    See u

    • Ewie

      Thanks for your comments!!!

      Alors oui, je suis française, mais j’ai choisi d’écrire mon blog en anglais car j’ai de la famille et beaucoup d’amis qui ne parle pas français, du coup, j’ai trouvé ça plus simple de tout écrire direct en anglais…. (oui parce que j’ai un moment penser à l’éventualité d’écrire dans les deux langues mais trop de travail….)

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